Tangible Absence

Francesco Binaggia & Lida Marinkova

The way we live today is very much dictated by digital communication, which extends and empowers our relationships.
It is set to develop exponentially and grow more sophisticated in the foreseeable future.
However, the manner in which it causes us to communicate disguises the underlying erosion of the physical essence in many 
inter-personal relationships - something we subconsciously don’t realize.
According to the Power of singularity theory by Ray Kurzweil, in the nearly future technology will became not tangible anymore: 
computers will be so compact that they can enter in our cells.
In a scenario constantly filtered by techology, people will have tendency to forget pure and simple feelings;
The vehicle uses a self-balancing Segway technology and is characterized by an architectural ‘nest’ designed to re-discover 
genuine and simple sensory sensations; for a new analog life experience.

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