Geodia (sponsored by Sabic)

Me, Alex McCarthy (Textile designer), Alexander Brink (Vehicle designer)

Geodia  is a sculpture to express light for safety in transportation design.
Inspired by the bioluminescence of jellyfishes and sea sponges, the architecture of the vehicle is characterized by a bright and transparent shell resting on a naked powertrain and mechanics, that is essential and suitable for any terrain.
The raised shell allows a complete 360 degree communication between the vehicle and the other vehicles or pedestrians: through hologram techology, it can communicate its G-force, it can show its trajectory of intention, and it can project a visible safety distance, that is calculated by a CPU in relation to the cruising speed of two vehicles.
The shape of the “organism” led to the main form and inspired the textiles used inside the sculpture. Light moves through the patterns of the vehicle to indicate safety, in order to create a high perception or safety for the occupants.

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